Voucher Portability

Housing Choice Voucher Program participants can take their vouchers with them if they move (port) within the U.S. to another area with a Housing Choice Voucher Program. The Voucher Program participant MUST notify the Housing Authority where they currently live that they want to utilize the Portability option of the voucher to transfer to Houston or from Houston to another city of their choice.  Once the portability request is approved, your PHA issues the family a voucher and must contact the Houston Housing Authority on the family's behalf. Your PHA must promptly notify the Houston Housing Authority to expect the incoming family. This means your PHA contacts the Houston Housing Authority on the family's behalf, typically by telephone, fax, or email. Simply referring the family to HUD or to a website for information on the Houston Housing Authority's address does not fulfill the responsibilities of your PHA under the program regulations.

All Portability paperwork should be sent by your Housing Authority to the Houston Housing Authority either by the email listed below, the fax number listed below or sent U.S. post to the address below. For questions about your portability status contact Customer Service at 713.260.0500 or Sonya Morris at 713.260.0301.

Email: portability@housingforhouston.com  
Fax: 713.260.0548, Attention: Sonya Morris 
Mail: Houston Housing Authority, Attention: Sonya Morris
         2640 Fountain View Dr., Ste. 100
         Houston, TX 77057

The required paperwork should include:

  • HUD-52665 Family Portability Information Form
  • Client's current voucher
  • Current 50058 Form
  • Client's current income verifications
  • Client contact address and phone number

After all of the client's portability information is received by the Houston Housing Authority, the client will receive an appointment by mail within 2 weeks.

If you live in Houston and wish to port out, please complete the  Request to Transfer Form. It is also available at the receptionist's desk in our first floor lobby.

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