A message on the agency's efforts & response to Hurricane Harvey...








While Hurricane Harvey has had a tragic impact on our city and surrounding areas, we are so proud of Houstonians for their massive volunteer efforts and support. Our hearts go out to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and we are working swiftly to help the Houston Housing Authority residents and voucher recipients impacted by the storm.

We urge all individuals and families currently being served by the HHA to call the call center at (713) 260-0600 to inform us of their status. The HHA provides affordable homes and services to more than 58,000 Houstonians and we are still collecting data and reaching out to finalize how many have been affected. This is critical for ensuring that we're able to assist and contact our residents and voucher recipients. 

In addition, know that we are resolving to take all possible action and will provide updates as they come. We request your patience at this difficult time as our staff is working non-stop to assist our HHA residents and voucher recipients. Our top priority now is ensuring everyone is safe and can begin the road to recovery.

Houston STRONG!

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Tory Gunsolley, President & CEO