Executive Management

The Executive Management is responsible for policy development, government relations, public relations, quality control, and customer service. The Department accomplishes this by developing and disseminating all internal and external communications including the Annual Plan and Report.

Information Technology

The Information Technology is responsible for maintaining electronic equipment, networks, telephone systems, computer hardware, software training, and applications for the agency’s central office and 20 remote sites. The IT Department is committed to providing quality customer service and positioning the Housing Authority to become cutting edge leader of technology by maintaining and safekeeping the data integrity for the agency.


The Finance Office manages all fiscal matters, including operating budgets, audits, and internal controls and investment management.

Housing Choice Voucher

The Housing Choice Voucher serves over 17,000 low-income households through the Housing Choice Voucher, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing, Disaster Housing Assistance, Project-Based Assistance Programs, Single Room Occupancy, and Moderate Rehabilitation Programs. In addition to providing housing assistance, the Department provides supportive services to hundreds of families through its Family Self-Sufficiency program.


The Legal Department provides legal guidance & representation and handles 504/ADA compliance.


The Procurement Office procures goods and services necessary for operations and oversees bid solicitations and requests for proposals.

Public Housing Operations

The Public Housing Operations Department manages 4,000 units in 19 public housing developments and more than 1,600 tax-credit units in six housing communities throughout Houston. The department oversees the operations of agency assets, provides maintenance, resident services, public safety and administers the agency’s loss prevention program.

Human Resources Training & Development

The Human Resources Training & Development manages all personnel functions, including recruitment, orientation, employee benefits, and compensation, as well as organizational development and training. The Human Resources team facilitates employee relations, employee policy development, implementation and interpretation, Affirmative Action and EEO, as well as the measurement of staff utilization. The department seeks to promote professional development by providing employees access to the resources necessary for them to excel in their workplace performance, as well as promoting a safe and professional workplace environment.

Real Estate Investments & Development

The Real Estate Investments & Development Department manages the acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of the real estate developments.

Community Affairs and Communications

The Department of Community Affairs and Communications manages communications/PR, community and resident engagement, and governmental affairs. In addition, the Department of Community Affairs and Communications serves as a central communication hub for questions, requests, collaborations, and complaints from community stakeholders and elected officials.