Public Housing Waitlist

The Public Housing Waitlist is currently closed.


The Houston Housing Authority Waitlist will open on January 15, 2023. You can access the online application at 12:00 pm CT through the web portal. Hard copies are also available at the HHA administration office during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm). The waitlist will remain open until Wednesday, February 15, at 4:00 pm CT. At that time, no additional applications will be accepted.

About Public Housing

The HHA’s Public Housing provides decent and safe rental apartments for eligible low-moderate-income individuals, families, the elderly, and those with disabilities. There are a variety of housing options available, depending on your family composition, including a range of unit sizes and building types, such as single-story, mid-rise, and senior high-rise apartments.

This waitlist opening is solely for Public Housing, not the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

How to Apply for the Public Housing Waitlist

Applicants may apply for Public Housing using the secure, web-based Applicant Portal, which will be available when the waitlist opens on January 15, 2023, at 12:00 pm CT. This web portal allows applicants to access and update their waitlist status information. If you do not have access to a computer or electronic device, you may utilize HHA’s computer centers at any of our Public Housing sites.

Here are some important details regarding the Public Housing waitlist application process:

  • There is no charge to apply for or to be placed on HHA’s Public Housing waitlist.
  • All applicants MUST save their Log-In ID and Password. You will need this information to check the status of an application. Please do not call HHA or a Public Housing property site to check the status of a Public Housing application.
  • Applicants placed on the waitlist must submit all changes (contact number, address, family size, etc.) through the online application portal.
  • All applicants must monitor and respond to waitlist notices delivered via email and/or postal services.
  • The application portal allows users to select English, Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Swahili. If you prefer an alternative language, you may call the 504 hotline at 713-260-0353 or to request translation assistance or bring a designee to assist in completing the application. For hearing impaired assistance, please call 711 TTY.
  • Applicants do not have to live in Houston or Harris County to apply for the HHA Public Housing waitlist.
  • You may apply to live at as many of the available Public Housing locations as you would like. You only need to submit one pre-application form and select all of your desired locations listed on the application. Once an applicant is offered Public Housing and accepts the option provided to them by the HHA, the applicant will be removed from all other waitlist sites.
  • Although you may apply for as many Public Housing sites that are available, as a head of household or household member, you can only be listed on one application. For example, if you applied for Public Housing as a Head of Household or were listed as a household member on an application, you cannot be listed on another application as a family member. An applicant cannot be listed on multiple applications with different individuals and/or family members. If your name is placed on multiple applications, you will be removed from the waitlist, and your application(s) will not be considered for Public Housing.
  • After you apply online, you will receive an email, text message, or acknowledgment letter via USPS notifying you that your application has been received and submitted to the HHA Public Housing waitlist. You will also receive a reference number as proof of receipt by HHA of the application.
  • You may manage your application at any time by signing in to the online application portal and saving any necessary updates to your information. It is essential that you update your contact information if it changes.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to learn about who qualifies for the waitlist, eligibility details, and other helpful information to guide you through the Public Housing application process.


Public Housing Waitlist Properties

You may apply to live at any of the following HHA Public Housing locations.

Click the housing picture to view details about each location.

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lincoln park apartments bellerive 600x400 irvinton village kelly village lyerly senior apartments





What to Expect After Applying

The application process follows the steps below. This is a general summary of the process and may vary for each individual applicant.

  • Pre-application – Fill out a pre-application in order to be placed on the waitlist.
  • Waitlist – The individual or family is placed on the waitlist according to preference, location, bedroom size, and accessibility needs.
  • Selection – The selection process corresponds to the apartment vacancy rate. Applicants are chosen based on a random lottery selection according to preferences, location, bedroom size, accessibility needs, household size, income, and program availability. Once an individual or family has been selected by the HHA, they will be notified by email and/or mail. It is important that you maintain accurate contact information and update your application as necessary through the online portal. In your selection letter, you will also be advised of the next steps needed in order to continue the application process. If you do not respond to the selection notification, your file will be closed after 14 business days.
  • Standard Screening – Once an applicant is selected for housing, the process involves an in-depth examination of the applicant’s background history in order to determine their suitability for The HHA Public Housing. Specifically, The HHA will conduct criminal and financial background checks on all household members. Additional screenings related to federal program rental history, including evictions and debt owed, will also be conducted. Based on this screening, HHA may deny admission to any applicant whose previous documented conduct may have a detrimental effect on other residents or on the public housing environment. These standard screening procedures are intended to protect the safety of our current residents and property.
  • Interview & Placement – Once an applicant passes the preliminary screening, they will receive an offer letter for the applicable community.
    • A HHA designee will schedule a time and date for an interview for every family who passes the standard screening process, or who has been reinstated by the Hearing Officer (A Public Housing applicant who has been denied assistance, withdrawn from the waiting list, denied priority or preference status or denied a reasonable accommodation may be entitled to an informal hearing before a Hearing Officer to be reinstated).
    • During the interview, the staff member will then determine what documents will be needed, such as income verification, bank statements, marriage license, proof of citizenship, etc.
    • The HHA designee will give the applicant a checklist of items needed with a deadline date to return their paperwork.
    • If there are any documents required by the agency that an applicant does not bring with them at the time of the interview, they will be given a reasonable amount of time to return with these documents.
    • Once all paperwork has been returned and verified, and the applicant is found eligible, the file will be placed in a “ready” pool.
    • Applicants will then be offered housing as vacant units become available.

The HHA offers other housing options beyond public housing. Admission criteria varies by each program, which also impacts how and when applications are accepted and processed. Contact the HHA Customer Service Department to inquire about other affordable housing options.

Contact Us: To inquire about the waitlist, please contact

The Houston Housing Authority does not provide emergency housing. Call 211 or 311 for emergency housing assistance.

Policies and procedures governing the Public Housing Waitlist are reflected in the Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP). Click here to view the ACOP.


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