Asset Management

Public Housing – Asset Management

Funding from HUD allows HHA to offer reduced rent called income-based rental assistance which allows individuals/families to pay no more than 30% of their adjusted income towards their rent.  Monthly rental payments fluctuate depending on changes in household income, size and circumstances.  Public Housing eligibility utilizes Income Limits, developed by HUD, as a key admission criterion.  Eligible participant’s annual income (prior to deductions) must range between 30% (extremely low income) to 80% (low income) of the area median income limits established for Harris County, Texas. Funding for income-based rental assistance for public housing varies by site.  The HHA also provides other affordable housing options for individuals and families, who are ineligible for public housing (income-based rental assistance).  Interested low-income individuals and families shall contact their interested site(s) for additional information.

Public Housing is comprised of multi-family, townhomes and senior hi-rises units.  All sites are managed by third-party Property Management Companies (PMCs) who handles site operations, on behalf of the HHA.  PMC duties include, but are not limited, to on-site management, maintenance and tenant satisfaction.  Admission, lease execution, tenant compliance, rent collection and work orders are all functions handled by PMCs.  Public housing residents and other stakeholders shall contact the PMC, for specific sites, regarding concerns inquiries and requests.

Below is a list of HHA’s Public Housing communities. Click the links for more information for each site:

Public Housing Communities (Fully Income-based, funded by HUD’s Public Housing Division)

  1. Clayton Homes Apartments
  2. Kennedy Place Apartments
  3. Irvington Village Apartments
  4. Kelly Village Apartments
  5. Cuney Homes Apartments
  6. Ewing Apartments
  7. Lyerly Senior Apartments (Elderly/Disabled)
  8. Bellerive Senior Apartments (Elderly/Disabled)
  9. Forest Green Townhomes

Mixed-Income (Partially Income-based, funded by HUD’s Public Housing Division & Private Partners)

  1. Allen Parkway Village Apartments
  2. Historic Oaks of Allen Parkway Village (Family, Elderly & Disabled)
  3. Fulton Village Apartments
  4. Independence Heights Apartments
  5. Oxford Place Apartments
  6. Heatherbrook Apartments
  7. Lincoln Park Apartments
  8. Sweetwater Point

Section 8 New Construction (In collaboration with HUD’s Multi-Family Division)

  1. Long Drive Townhomes

Rental Assistance Demonstration (In collaboration with HUD’s RAD Division and Private Partners)

  1. HRI & Victory Apartments