Client Services

Improving the quality of life and expanding opportunities for resident success is vital to the Houston Housing Authority’s mission. Through a strong network of social and supportive services, the agency works diligently to transform the lives of its clients and help them reach their goals. Linking with a variety of recognized community service providers, the Housing Authority delivers substantial support services and life enrichment programs that promote upward mobility. To learn more about how HHA is transforming residents’ lives, please view the Resident Spotlight for their success stories.

HHA resident service staff each specialize in different areas. Below is a list of staff and services provided.


Program Area

Assigned Staff Person

Senior Services

Elderly & Disabled Residents
(Ages 62+)

Renee Lewis

Adult Services

-of-Households (Non-elderly & non-disabled residents)

Angenette Tousant

Youth Services

School Age Youth  (Ages 3 to

Demeshia Conley

Family Services

Families  (Jobs, bank accounts, homeownership, etc.)

Gilda Jackson

Section 3

  Career Services (resume
assistance, job placement, job readiness)

If you are a Public Housing resident living at our properties please forward your questions and concerns to Gilda Jackson, Director of Client Services at If you are a voucher client or need general information on our housing programs please contact Customer Service at 713-260-0500. Thank you.