The health and safety of those we serve, our employees, and partners remains a top priority amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an unprecedented time in Houston and across the world.

We thank you for being flexible and accommodating as we take the appropriate precautionary steps to limit the spread of COVID-19, while continuing to provide the best service possible. We will continue to follow guidance from the CDC as well as local and state officials. Below is an overview of HHA’s operations.


For our public housing residents and HCVP participants, we aim to be as flexible as possible and know the potential burdens the pandemic has placed on our community financially.

Public housing residents and HCVP participants who have been laid-off or furloughed should apply immediately with Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment Benefits Services, and also report to HHA any decrease in household income immediately so we may conduct an interim review to adjust your rent.

A decrease in family income is not the basis for a termination of tenancy action (HCV program) or eviction from public housing. Residents/Tenants with decreased income should go through the process described below, so that HHA can adjust/decrease the family share of the rent consistent with the time of that decrease.  If Residents/Tenants need assistance, we are here to help you.

HCVP Participants: Report a decrease in income by completing the form shown here and submitting via one of the following options:

  • ONLINE: Email documents to
  • MAIL: Mail to HHA central office: 2640 Fountain View Dr., Houston, TX 77057
  • IN-PERSON: Deposit documents at the drop box located outside HHA central office building

Public Housing Residents: To report a change in income, call your property management company (PMC) to initiate an interim review. We ask all residents to reach out to PMC offices only via phone at this time to limit the need for in-person interaction. All required documentation should be deposited at your property’s on-site drop box. Upon completion of the interim review, your PMC will call you with an updated rent amount and effective date.

Central Office
Our central office and lobby are accessible to the public by appointment only for health and safety reasons. For remote services and questions, please call (713) 260-0500.

Public Housing
We will continue to follow safety measures and guidelines as outlined by the CDC as well as local and state officials on our public housing properties.

For questions regarding public housing operations, please contact the property manager at your property.

Housing Choice Voucher Program
HCVP operations will continue to be provided remotely. Implemented actions for program participants and property owners include:

  • HCVP landlords: The check run was processed in full and on time. Thank you for your partnership. Detail can be found on the Partner Portal or you can call our Call Center at 713-260-0500.
  • Interim reviews will be conducted for residents reporting loss of or decrease in income to allow their tenant rent to be adjusted downwards.
  • It is anticipated that residents with incomes that have not decreased will maintain payment of their share of rent. That stated, due to COVID-19 some households may have increased household expenses. If residents need assistance we are here to help you.
  • Rent assistance payments under existing voucher-assisted tenancies will continue to be distributed on the first of each month. However, changes in HHA’s rent assistance payments resulting from changes in household income decreases, etc. may be delayed but will ultimately be made to property owners consistent with the time period of decreases.
  • Suspension of notices to vacate for non-payment of rent and minor lease violations, until further notice.
  • Existing repayment agreements will be extended.
  • Recertification deadlines will be extended.
  • Continuation of processing portability moves out of and into HHA’s service area.
  • Continuation of inspections for initial occupancy/new lease, transfers/ relocations of voucher-assisted households to new units, bi-annual inspections of units under lease and contract in HHA’s voucher program, and emergency inspections for health/safety conditions.