Please verify that HHA has current, accurate contact information on file for the owner and management property.

The Housing Authority partners with more than 5,000 private property owners to provide rental units to Houston families in need of quality, affordable housing through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. In addition to the satisfaction of making a difference in the community, benefits of participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program include:

Biennial inspections

The agency inspects the dwelling unit prior to the date a family moves in and will inspect the unit annually thereafter. We perform emergency or complaint inspections if requested by either the tenant or the property owner/manager.

Free Marketing

Owners can publicize available units by visiting  Socialserve and MyApartmentMap.

Market Rents

The Housing Authority will pay what your rental unit is worth in comparison to other similar properties in the neighborhood. The agency conducts a Rent Reasonableness Survey at the time of the initial/annual inspection. We look for similar units with respect to location, quality, size, type, age, amenities, housing services, maintenance and utilities. Click here for current Payment Standards.

Guaranteed Timely Payments

HHA’s portion of your tenant’s rent (usually the majority of the total monthly rent) is deposited directly into your checking or savings account with a receipt for the payment sent by mail for your records.

Short Vacancies 

There is a long list of eligible families looking for affordable apartments in Houston. As a result Section 8 owners are less susceptible to increases in vacancy rates as non Section 8 owners.

Decreased Applicant Screening Time

Section 8 voucher holders often sign a release that allows prospective property owners access to their HHA file. This file can contain information that you will find helpful when considering a new tenant.