Public Housing Client Services

Client Services

Has a professional team of Service Coordinators to help residents develop realistic pathways, toward economic and personal stability. With the support of a community network, Client Services will provide referrals and information for the following opportunities: 

  • Elderly, Disabled & Family Services – case management, information & referrals
  • Resident Councils Partnerships – technical assistance and tenant funding
  • Tenant Compliance – assessment of problems/needs and creation of solutions
  • Literary Programs – increased access to books and literacy materials
  • Section 3 – connection to training and jobs with the HHA’s and its contractors
  • Summer Internships – experiential paid training for high-school students
  • Community Partnerships – private/public partners’ in-kind support
  • Computer Lab Operations – management of access to technology & education
  • Special Initiatives – collaboration with partners to promote special topics and opportunities such as: Census Outreach, Voting Registration, Fire Prevention, Cultural Awareness & Celebrations, Seasonal Events, Health Awareness, etc.

Community Safety

Manages safety in collaboration with Houston Police Department, Harris County Constables – Precinct Six and Elite Protection. Cores services are:

  • Coordinate calls of services with local law enforcement agencies
  • Manage contracted services with Precinct 6 providing 7-day patrols, within public housing family sites
  • Manage contracted services with Elite Protections, at public housing senior hi-rises
  • Host monthly/quarterly Community Safety Meeting
  • Maintain safety data and trend reporting impacting Public Housing
  • Facilitate “Active Shooter” Prevention Trainings
  • Conduct preliminary assessments for sites to acquire HPD’s “Blue Star” Certification”
  • Residents and Guests are encouraged to support Community Involvement in Safety by:
    1. Notify Law Enforcement when a crime is occurring or if a victim of a crime. Residents and guests are the eyes and ears of law enforcement.
    2. Notify management of any crime related issues after notifying law enforcement
  • HHA promotes a “See Something, Say Something” approach for reporting safety concerns to:
    1. Precinct Six Constables – (713) 274-3400
    2. Houston Police Department – (713) 884-3131
    3. HHA’s Crime TIP Line – (713) 571-9437

Resident Councils

A) What is a Resident Council?

Resident councils are organized, self-governing, decision-making groups within public housing communities to allow residents to voice their needs and concerns and to have input into the activities, policies and issues affecting their lives. Through a resident council, residents can positively impact their community, making it a reflection of their preferences and values. Resident’s representation and power is assigned to elected officers (resident council leaders) who perform on behalf of residents at the site (resident members).

B) Role of Resident Council

Resident Council leaders are expected to facilitate the following tasks, at their sites:

  • Serve as liaison between Management and Residents to promote lease compliance and housing stability
  • Meet on regular basis to discuss concerns, develop suggestions and plan activities
  • Improve communications by distributing information that provides facts and dispel rumors
  • Identify problems early, when it is easier to resolve
  • Identify and access resources to improve the community and families
  • Help individuals seek assistance to address their needs and overcome fear of retaliation Speaking up as a group is easier than speaking as an individual
  • Assist in developing timelines, policies and budgets to pursue opportunities
  • Provide input on annual plans (ACOP, Capital Needs Funds, House Rules, 5-year plans, etc)

C) Resident Council Requirements

A resident council consist of persons residing in public housing who meets the following criteria:

  • Maintain a governing board (elected officers) of at least 5-officers
  • Host fair and frequent elections, at least every 3-years
  • Adopt written procedures (by-laws)
  • Acknowledge voting members as adult residents who are at least 18-years old and whose name appears on the current lease
  • Establishing a written partnership with the HHA via a Memorandum of Understanding

D) HHA Interaction with Resident Council

The HHA believes residents are in-control of their resident council. HHA’s involvement with the resident council is limited to consulting, advising, encouraging and motivating. HHA’s main role is to encourage resident participation by being cheerleaders for the resident council and providing assistance, when needed. Resident Councils, leaders and/or members, shall request HHA’s involvement in addressing certain matters pertaining to the resident council. The HHA will assign representatives from Client Services and/or the Property Management Company (PMC) to serve as an advisor to resident councils. The advisor will act as an enabler and not a director of the council.

E) Continuity & Availability of Resident Councils

Availability of Resident Councils at Public Housing sites are at the discretion of residents, residing at the site. While the HHA provides technical assistance in creating and sustaining Resident Councils, the availability and level of activity various by sites.