Partner Portal

The Houston Housing Authority (HHA) Housing Choice Voucher Program Partner Portal is a secure, web-based tool where property owners and managers can access information relating to properties currently under contract with HHA.

Owners can access payment details, inspection scheduling, and status information, rental payment holds and abatements, rent-change notifications, and 1099s-all online. The portal’s information easily can be saved and printed from any computer connected to the Internet. HHA no longer mails paper checks; Partner Portal provides all needed information for reconciling account information with user-friendly menus and instructions.

Partner Portal is available any time, day or night, and is updated nightly to ensure current information is displayed.

Partner Portal also contains quick links to various HCVP forms, publications, and program announcements. For Partner Portal questions and comments,  email HHA’s Customer Call Center can be contacted during normal business hours at 713.260.0500 for additional questions.

For a limited time only, owners may use and gather information from Partner Portal free of charge. Each property owner who is an active user in Partner Portal as of November 15, 2013, will be assessed an annual fee. Effective December 1, 2013, the Partner Portal annual fee will be deducted from the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP). Payment requires no action from an owner.

In these tough economic times, we understand some owners may feel the pinch of Partner Portal fees. The fee schedule is as follows:

The annual charge will be $24 (only $2 a month).

Please note with Direct Deposit or Prepaid Debit Cards and the Partner Portal, HHA is going green. Effective December 1, 2013, HHA no longer will mail paper checks or the check detail to owners. We encourage all owners to utilize Partner Portal for important payment and inspection information.

Annually, the Partner Portal fee will be deducted from the HAP on December 1. Each property owner who is a current Partner Portal participant automatically will be assessed the fee unless the owner opts out by written notice. The form to opt-out of Partner Portal can be found in the Forms section of Partner Portal or online at The form is required by any applicable due date to opt-out of the service. The opt-out date will vary in future years and will be posted in the Partner Portal. Owners who register subsequent to December 1 will be assessed the fee from their first HAP payment following registration, regardless of the date.

To Log-In to Partner Portal, click here.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Partner Portal, click here.

To access the Partner Portal User Guide, click here.


Only Housing Choice Voucher Program property owners already registered with HHA can create new accounts.

Owners with multiple property names and taxpayer identification numbers will need to register for each taxpayer identification number separately. The $24 annual fee applies to each, individual taxpayer identification number.