Recruitment Process

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Recruitment Process


RP After you apply

Step 1: Apply for the position(s)

To find a current opening, click here to apply. Create an account/log in to your account. Remember to keep a record of your username and password once you have created an account. You will need this information to apply for other positions or check your application’s status. When you re-enter the system, you will need to input this information exactly as originally entered. Complete the application with your updated information.

RP Phone call

Step 2: Initial Call

If you meet the minimum qualifications for the position you applied for, a recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a short, informal call to get to know you and discuss your work history.

RP Asscessment

Step 3: Pre-employment Skills Assessment (if applicable)

Some positions require that a pre-employment skills test is taken before proceeding to the interview phase of the recruitment process. A recruiter will contact the candidate if the test is needed.

RP Interview

Step 4: Interview

If the candidate has passed the pre-employment assessment, he/she will be scheduled for an interview with the hiring manager.

RP Final Decision

Step 5: Final Decision

After the final interview(s) concludes, you will promptly be informed regarding your potential employment outcome.

RP Onboarding

Step 6: Onboarding

If an offer is extended and accepted, your employment will be contingent on you successfully completing a drug screening and background check process. Once you are cleared, you will be called to start the onboarding process.

Disclosure: The Recruitment process outlined here is a standard process. HHA reserves the right to alter, modify, amend, or terminate these processes within the law in a manner that we believe to be in our best interest as affected by business conditions.

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