HCVP Contacts

HCVP Contacts

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Managing Staff Contact List

Mark Thiele - Vice President
Nakia Jones - Special Assistant to the VP of HCVP
Robin Walls - Director HCV Program
Michael Kelsch - Assistant Managing Director
Ann Harvey - Compliance & Training Manager
Gail Bell  - Landlord Liaison
Summer Frank - Landlord Liaison


 Team 1:

       Assistant Team Leader - Lupe Carmona
       Assistant Team Leader - Nicolette Arceneaux

Team 2:

Team Leader - Stephanie Preston
Assistant Team Leader - Enrique Garcia

Team 3:

Team Leader - Finisha Thomas
Assistant Team Leader - Michelle Dittrich

Team 4: 

Team Leader - Martha Garcia
Assistant Team Leader - Carla Venzor

Intake & Leasing and Port Ins and Outs

Team Leader - Emperatriz Alejandre
Assistant Team Leader - Jennifer Cook

Special Programs

Interim Manager - Maria Godwin
Assistant Team Leader - Marilyn Jenkins

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

        FSS Supervisor - Jennie Cordova

        FSS Coordinators 
        Hector Garcia
        Qiana Holmes 
        Adrian Hudspeth 
        LaTonya Rogers 
        Freeman Fletcher

Inspections Department

Inspections Manager - Lisa Briggs
Assistant Team Leader - Jose Benavides
Assistant Team Leader - Christopher McArthur

Information Center

Records Supervisor- Vacant
Lobby Supervisor- Michael Kelsch
Call Center Manager - Cheryl Mongo